Tuesday, March 11, 2014

YSA Workshops and Hoe Down - 2014

This past weekend Lori and I packed up the car and headed to Orlando for their annual Hoe Down. They had several workshops prior to the fun filled evening and it was just what I needed. I typed this post once already and felt like I had written a novel and when I went to reread it not even I wanted to finish it. So here is the abbreviated version of the day.

The workshops were PHENOMENAL and were exactly what I needed! I took quite a few notes but I'll only share my favorite three (if I can narrow that down).

1. It is our responsibility to prepare for the return of the Savior. The division between those who believe in Christ and those who do not is rapidly growing and we need more souls on the side of the Savior to be an influence for good in the lives of others.

2. Missionary work is not a spectator sport...participants only!! (I have work to do!)

Okay, it's a tie for third:

3A. A member of the Orlando temple presidency and his wife spoke to us and they shared how everything truly is done in order (work performed) and kept in order (cleanliness and tidiness). There is a procedure and proper order for how everything is to be done. He pointed out that this is done because temples truly are the house of the Lord and none of us ever knows when the Savior is going to come. The temple is kept in perfect order for His return. From that I felt even more inspired to create a life and home that is the same way, set in order so that if the Lord came at any moment I would be ready.

3B. One of the speakers told of a man who sculpted things out of wood. He would take a block of wood of any shape or size and visualize what it could become in his hands. We should each consider ourselves this block of wood (anyone hearing quotes from the movie "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium??) and visualize for ourselves what we want to be, what our end product looks like. We can create from that anything we want and if we seek the Lord's guidance He will help mold us further into who and what He wants us to be.

From there we took off to the rodeo grounds for an evening of horseback riding (a special post to this will be forthcoming, it was that big of a deal!!), lasso-ing (I have NO skill whatsoever...Lori, however, is awesome!!), dining, and dancing! We got to spend the day with friends, some we knew before, some we just met. I've only been to two YSA activities here and they just keep getting better and better! I LOVE being here. I love the friends we're making, the memories we're building, and the all around good time we're having!

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