Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bucket List - Ride a horse!!

When I created my bucket list originally, riding a horse made the cut but shortly thereafter I removed it, both out of fear and of pain management (it's one of those things I'm not supposed to do because of the dandy rod in my back). But at the Hoe Down they had horses that we could ride and our new friend Ashley also wanted to cross riding a horse off of her bucket list. So I mustered my courage and got on the horse. And do you know what I found out?? I LOVE being on a horse!! I was completely okay with the fact that my horse showed NO desire whatsoever of walking quickly. We took a nice slow turn around the ring and then I promptly returned to the good ol' ground.

For the record my back hasn't been the same since and I can't decide if it was from the horse or from the lassoing I really tried to do but couldn't figure out. I had great teachers (thanks Nathan and Lori) but I must be unteachable in this area. I did finally learn how to twirl it over my head properly (sort of) and I can even lasso myself with some degree of accuracy (okay, okay, entirely by accident). Lori, on the other hand, is a master lasso-er! You should see her in action!!

Regardless of the reason I'll likely not try riding a horse again, but it was completely liberating to have been able to cross this off my list!!

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