Monday, February 3, 2014

Are You Happy?

My very smart sister asked me this yesterday amid a variety of expressed, and hidden, emotions (though knowing me they likely weren't as hidden as I'd like to think). My initial answer was, "Most of the time". That statement struck two thoughts.

1. No one is happy ALL OF THE TIME!! If you are, I want to meet you and hope your magic charm will rub off on me. We're meant to experience highs and lows. Having a bad day, or several in a row, is not uncommon. It isn't bad. It isn't a sign that your life is terrible. It's a sign that your life is normal! Incidentally this is the same sister who told me point blank that I wasn't "that" special. And thank goodness she did. I was complaining about how weird I thought I was and she pointed out that I was just as normal as the next person (or they were just as normal as me, whichever way you want to take it). So, my answer of "most of the time" is accurate, and its good, and it makes me happy!

2. I am SO blessed!! Seriously! That's the second thought I had. My bad days are still better than some people's good days. Sure, things aren't perfect but they aren't supposed to be. I'm not perfect, and while that frustrates me some, that's sort of how I'm supposed to be (at least right now). I'm working on it and trying to become better, and thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ I have an idea of how to better myself each day. Thanks to the gift of the Atonement I'm not stuck where I am. I can always move forward. I'm blessed because I have this knowledge and it finally struck me that this is what I want to share with my friends. This is the message that I want everyone to know! There is joy and happiness here and now thanks to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! And that is an ALL THE TIME blessing!

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