Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have been feeling rather shaky over everything that is happening and feeling very out of control of my life. I have had a short fuse and low tolerance, which I'm not proud of, but I'm working on. I finally, after many prayers, and talking with my AWESOME family have come to grips with everything. I am really getting excited about the things that are happening in my life, even though I may not understand fully everything that is going on. It seems everything is happening so quickly and I'm just trying to hang on for the ride.

Just a quick story: it turns out I'm not as bright as I may seem (thanks for agreeing).
Yesterday, one of the managers came up to me and asked if my boss brought back any blackberries from a recent trip she was on. I had been in a trance, or sorts, working very diligently finishing up my payroll. I thought about it and said "Yeah, she had some earlier in the day but I'm not sure where they are now". Then I thought about it for a second, and realized that he wasn't talking about blackberries, the fruit. He was talking about Blackberry's, the electronic device. Go figure.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Literally - I have nothing to write. Sorry for wasting your time.
Tune back in another time.
Have a lovely day!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A new adventure

I made it official today, so it's time to spill the secret I can't keep any longer! Due to some unfortunate events for my family, we are moving on. This event is giving me a great opportunity to make a life for myself. My parents will be moving to a location still undetermined. I will be moving to Utah late March/early April. I am in the process of applying to college (fingers crossed) and looking for jobs. My wonderful sister has agreed to let me live with her, at least until I drive her nuts.
I still get a little overwhelmed and a bit scared when I think about it too much, but I have an overall great feeling about the decision I have made. I am grateful for wonderful friends who have given support, encouragement and advice. We all have a lot to do over the next several weeks, but it's all going to work out fine, even though we may not see how at this time.
For now, we just keep doing what we do, have faith, and move forward.