Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Job

As of this past Wednesday, I am employed again! I am the payroll coordinator for a great company of over 450 people. On top of having a great job and working with great people, I have my very own window! I get to look out at the mountains all day. I have a lot to learn, as you can imagine, but I'm 3 days in and loving it!
I can't help but feel blessed!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In case you're wondering

This is the front entry way to our complex.

These are the mountains that I see everyday
Luckily we live on the mountain WITHOUT snow. Please note, however, that the mountains pictured below are right next door!! This picture was also taken from the local park that I like to walk to (and may or may not take naps in).
Of course, everyone has that one thing that is the best about a place. Well, this is mine. It also happens that this picture was taken from our doorway.
The pool has only been open three days and I've already been 4 times!

You've had a birthday...

Shout HOORAY!!

Lori chose to have her birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel! Good food, good times, good friends!

Since Lori works with cake EVERYDAY, she requested ice cream. We made two batches - strawberry shortcake and tropical fruit! Excellent choices, Lori!!

A birthday wouldn't be complete without candles!

Lori has some INCREDIBLE friends!! Two of them broke into our apartment (so, it wasn't really breaking in because I knew they were coming and I left the door unlocked) and they came in and put cute notes to and about Lori on her bathroom mirror. Good job, ladies!!

Hope you had an awesome birthday, Lori!! Thanks for being you and allowing me to be me!