Saturday, December 14, 2013

If I Could Walk 500 Miles

So you know that little goal I had to walk 500 miles? Well.....

This is the face of the woman who just finished her 500th mile!! Granted, this was actually last night and I'm just getting around to putting it on the blog, but it is AMAZING!!! In my monthly and year end recap I'll tell you more about how awesome this was (and it was INCREDIBLE!!)!! I have learned so much just from walking!

I also decided to reward myself for accomplishing this goal. One reward is a surprise and can't be shared just yet (I had to tell someone that). The other is an appointment to the doctor. Remember way back in June I stepped on that nail. Well, "someone" is a bit stubborn and didn't want anything to stand in the way of achieving this goal, so "she" just kept walking and well, let's just say its way past time. Until then, and after that, the walking continues (except for tonight - I gave myself the night off AND ate some peanut butter...that's living on the edge)!

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