Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Take My Feelings Seriously"

This statement was made by Katie Holmes in the movie "Mad Money", and it always made me laugh.

I work with a sometimes high-stress individual. She is a wonderful person, but occasionally, when she gets going, she pushes me right over the edge. I feed easily off the mood and energy of others. When she goes into this mode, my anxiety level goes right through the roof.

I walked in today and had less than 5 minutes in the office before she was at my desk, panicky eyes, hyper movements, and agitated voice saying she had a bad feeling about today and that I needed to avoid all confined spaces and if I did have to go into a space I was supposed to take someone with me. She essentially invoked the buddy system upon our entire plant today. And she is going desk by desk to tell everyone this.

After I received my admonition, I sat here taking deep breaths trying to get my anxiety level down and get back to normal and this clip from "Mad Money" popped in my head, and now I just can't stop laughing. I'm hoping that I get to write tomorrow or the next day and say that NOTHING of any consequence happened, but I think I'll still take some extra precautions. Better safe than sorry.

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