Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tractor Girl

I had a terribly lazy weekend planned for myself. I felt like I was getting sick and knew I haven't been sleeping like I need. I tell people I just get cranky when I don't get enough sleep, which is true, but I also get sick. Some days I just have to cancel all my plans and do nothing but sleep, and that was the plan for Saturday. I dragged my lazy bones out of bed after 13 hours of sleep at 10 AM. I went and found my parents outside working (up since before the crack of dawn, of course). Mom suggested that we go grocery shopping before it got any later.
Dad said that while we were gone he was going to cut the grass. I asked him not to do that as I like to do that, and we were trying to convice him that it would be a good time for him to take a short break and cool off.
We let him for about an hour and when we retunred, he was putting chain in the back of the truck. I asked him if he was okay and he said he wasn't. He said he got his tractor stuck in the field and was trying to get it out. Now, silly me is thinking that if he's just taking a couple of chains and the truck, it will come right out. But that wasn't the situation.
We all piled in, I in my capris and flip flops, ready to simply drive the truck with him on the tractor. Easy, peasy. NOT!
After a couple of hours of placing poles, hooking chain, trudging through mud (now barefoot because I lost my flip flops in the mud and broke them in an attempt to get them back), and finally hooking up to the neighbors backhoe, we were able to get this baby out!
When I woke up I put my John Deere Tractor Girl shirt on. Turns out it was the perfect outfit for the day.
Check out those mud covered, nasty legs!!

As a side note, and not surprisingly, I stepped on a nail that was in one of the poles as I was jumping on it in an attempt to wedge it in front of the tire. This week I got a tetanus shot, just in case, a hefty dose of antibiotics, and a lot of concerned looks. I came to work Monday and was previously scheduled to have Tuesday off. I came back today and everyone was panicked that I had come down with a crazy infection of lock jaw. I couldn't have planned that one any better for all of the concern.

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