Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing Mom - Day 2

Sunday morning (Mother's Day) I heard Murphy at my bedroom door. I let him come in and lay with me, just like our cat does. Only this cat, when you move and he's not ready to go, uses his jaws of steel and bites your neck under your chin. Try prying that one off of you without leaving too many marks.
It was so great to see everyone at church. And, for the first time in over a year I got to go to all of Sunday School AND Relief Society! It was a wonderful break and the discussion in both classes was so uplifting. Over the past few months I've really been struggling over the idea of marriage. I know it is important and is part of Heavenly Father's plan for his children, but after being an observer of some relationships recently and in part to some of my own experience, I just wasn't sure that it was something I wanted. Our Relief Society lesson "happened" to be on marriage and what a blessing it is and can be. Obviously, it takes a lot of work from both spouses to make it work, and both people have to want a good relationship. I could go on and on about what I learned and the affect that being there had on me, but I'll leave it at now, despite what I've seen and knowing full well of the many struggles and bad times, as well as the good times, I want to be married. I am committed to marriage and the sanctity of it, and I desire that for myself.
Okay, so that's neither here nor there...back to the trip!
We went home from church and jumped back into playing Life. According to little man's rules, we played long enough that I had to have two vehicles to cart my family around.
That afternoon we got the best gift of all...Mother's Day calls from Lori! She pulled faces at me most of the time she and I talked. I only posted the good ones (you can thank me later, Lori). I even saw the face that she pulls when she thinks I'm weird and she's trying to humor me. I can say I almost missed that face. 

That evening the grape monster struck our house. This kid LOVES grapes...I couldn't keep them in the fridge! See his little grape fangs?
And for the record, this was the day that I decided I REALLY also want to be a mom! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE children, and have almost always wanted to be a mom. But again, over the last few months, I wasn't sure it was something I was cut out for (man, it sounds like I was having some sort of identity crisis or something), but after only a day I was HOOKED! There is NOTHING better! I'll share more about that later.

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