Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing Mom - Day 1

I didn't know what to call this series of posts. I guess I could have settled with my standard level of creativity and gone with something truly profound like "Boston - Day XX". But that isn't what I was feeling this time. Just before I left, someone asked me what I was going to Boston for. To everyone else I had answered that I was going to babysit. But what slipped out of my mouth that time was that I was going to "play mom". And really, that's basically what I did.
With that explanation out of the way, let me regale you with the tales of this experience.
Right off the bat I got to take a taxi...BUCKET LIST ITEM ACCOMPLISHED!!

For some silly reason it felt wrong to take a picture from the back seat looking forward. So I started clicking a kajillion pictures out my window of the ocean and scenery, turned forward and took this one, and went right back to my window. Sometimes I scare myself.

The little boy I was watching was still at the neighbors when I arrived, so this is the first face that greeted me...Murphy!

The first order of business was a baseball game. Little man came home, got dressed and I asked him to get his stuff. He grabbed his helmet and said he was ready. As we walked to the field after parking the car, he looked at me and told me he forgot his baseball glove. I asked if I needed to run home and get it, to which he responded that they would have one he could borrow.
We continue walking down the hill and he's swinging his helmet back and forth. It swung forward once and he looked hard at it, looked up at me and said "Oh man, this isn't my baseball helment...this is my ski helmet!". This was the moment I learned that I know NOTHING about sports!!
I asked him again if I should run home and grab the right gear. He turned to me and said, "No, it's okay, this is probably a lot safer". Needless to say I got a lot of strange looks from the coaches and other parents as he walked out onto the field.

Here we are playing life (day 1).

That night I dropped him off for a play group with some friends in the ward. When I came to pick him up, the kids were in the back yard and I quickly became the alligator in the water preparing to attack. :)
And can I mention how old being here made me feel? When I left Boston, these kids were all so small. That one with her head poking over the top was only about 9...and now she's 12!! When did this happen???

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