Thursday, May 2, 2013

Be Yourself

I have a cute little saying written in vinyl above my mirror in the bathroom (nothing says anything as well as vinyl, you know). It says “In a world where you can be anything, BE YOURSELF”. I purchased this little sign for a couple of reasons. 1 – It has an owl on it and I LOVE owls. 2 – It was 97 cents (can you beat that??) 3 – I thought this was a most excellent reminder. I put it over my mirror where I get ready every day. I see it while I’m drying my hair, or putting my makeup on, or brushing my teeth, preparing to leave the house and to be assaulted by the influences of the world.
The world tries to convince each of us that we need to be a certain way, or to act a certain way, or to dress a certain way. The world tells us that by doing any or all of these things we will find happiness. Happiness comes from having and abiding by a solid belief system which for me, comes from living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been taught who I am, and whose I am. I know my eternal identity and I have glimpses of the woman I can become. But I can’t get there by following the world or by being anything but myself.
As I’ve come to understand this more fully, I find that I am more confident in my abilities, more steadfast in my commitments, and I am a happier person overall (which is something everyone can appreciate, right?).

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