Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Utah - Day 1

I just got home from the most incredible vacation which means it's time to recap! As usual, I am horrible at taking pictures. Most of the pictures I have, someone else took with my phone...what is wrong with me??

I got to the airport in Jacksonville at 6:30 AM. I've taken up some new eating habits and one of them item I have developed an affinity for - Greek yogurt! They must have known I was coming because they now have them in the shop there!! This was when I knew it was going to be a GREAT trip!!

I followed two cute missionaries off the plane and through the airport. It made me just that much more excited for Lori to come home! I was right behind them when they took the escalator down and realized I needed to give them just a little space. Their families were yelling and cheering for them as they came downstairs. And besides, I didn't think they needed me in all of their pictures.

This is the first picture of the mountains!! I forgot just how beautiful they are!!

Shelly and I went out to dinner when she got off work. She took me to a restaurant called Yellowfin. Turned out to be a sushi bar and grill. I went with a spicy grilled chicken and veggie plate...very hot and delicious!!! Shelly opted for another meal and the salmon roll. It looked pretty enough, but I have this "thing" about sushi - it is just not happening!!

What I didn't know about Shelly is that she is VERY convincing!! She talked me into trying a bit of sushi (but I requested a half piece - pictured on the fork)!

I really thought about backing out, but there it is, fork in hand!

Oh, the horror!!

Pretty sure it was still alive and was trying to run away!!

The point of NO RETURN!! (I made a mistake and smelled it before it went in my mouth!)


The point at which there was seaweed draped over my tongue and it was going to take the same motion to spit it out or to swallow. I didn't really want either option, but I actually swallowed it! And no! I didn't NOT like it and I will NOT try it again! YUCK!! (But a great memory)

What we don't have in Waycross...a total of 12 lanes of traffic!! Holy smokes, I forgot how crazy this place is!!

It was so fun to make it to Utah and we had such a fun day!!

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