Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Utah - Day 2

I forgot to mention a few things about Thursday...and I forgot to take pictures of it too!! I was able to go and see my former bishop on Thursday night. I just love popping in on people unexpectedly. It was a short visit (that's what happens when you make no plans) but it was so good to see them and to catch up with them and with all that is going on.
Afterwards I went to my aunts house. She and my uncle and I stayed up way too late talking and having a great time!! It was so much I miss them!
Friday morning, Audrey and I got up and went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple! It was such an amazing experience and was so fun to be there with a friend!

After the temple and went and met up with a few former coworkers for lunch. It was fun to chat and catch up with them as well (again, no pictures...lame).

We went to the RG apartments in the afternoon to visit Emily. As we were walking down the stairs, we noticed that the hot tub had a sign on it stating that it was closed...STILL! That hot tub has been closed for YEARS!! Perhaps they should just close it permanently and make a new patio.

While we were in Provo we got to drive by the Provo Tabernacle Temple construction site. It is incredible. All that is left currently is the outer walls, "floating" on the air on stilts! It is amazing!

That night we met everyone at Thai Mango for dinner. There ended up being about two groups, the RG group and the Branbury group. The RG group left first and we ran out and got a picture with everyone (except for Elric and Archie - they were too quick in escaping!).
We finished dinner and then we all went for frozen yogurt (ah, delicious!). I was planning on getting a picture with everyone afterward, but alas my brain is shot and I forgot. I guess we'll have to leave that to memory (unless I forget that too!)
Thanks to everyone who was able to come!! It was so good to catch up with everyone and to be surrounded by GREAT friends!! Let's do that again soon!

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