Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Balloon Fun!

I got a phone call the other afternoon from a friend who asked if I could watch her granddaugther for a bit. I immediately jumped at the chance - I mean, this girl is just too sweet! I went and picked her up and we came back to my house so I could finish baking some muffins for a coworkers birthday. While they were baking, she found a purple balloon in the house. We took it outside and had so much fun playing in the sunshine with a magic purple balloon (because it would have to be magic to elicit such an incredibly bright smile from a child, right??).

She also came up with a new game - throw the balloon in the air and try to hit it with a fly swatter. Such a fun afternoon! I want to do this again soon...and probably forever!!

 Please take note of the incredibly BLUE sky! It was the PERFECT day to stay outside and play!

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