Friday, April 19, 2013


It’s 6:15 A.M. My alarm goes off – it’s time to get going on this Friday. I notice a notification on my phone from a news channel – there are some major developments in Boston. A gun fight, an officer killed, one of the suspects killed, a major manhunt, and the entire city of Boston on lockdown.

It was just Monday that the Boston Marathon was going strong. I was watching reports on Facebook from friends along the route, and also of friends who were running, or were there supporting someone who was running.  As I sat there that morning, I was kicking myself for never making it to watch any part of the Boston Marathon, or celebrating Patriot’s Day in true Boston style while I lived there. And as the thoughts went through my mind that morning, I could never have expected what would happen next.  A bomb, wait, two bombs. What is going on? News alerts begin pouring in, pictures begin to surface. Is this really happening? Is MY city really under attack?
Boston will ALWAYS be home to me. I lived there only three years, but they were the BEST three years. Everything I would become as an adult started in Boston (okay, maybe not everything). I love how vibrant the city is, I love the people, I love the fast pace. I love the skyline at night, and the beautiful sunrise over the bay in the morning. Boston is just a magical place!
I’ve been watching for updates from friends to make sure they and their families are okay. I emailed a friend this morning that works downtown and asked how things are going. She said it is like a war zone, it’s scary.
Over the last almost 12 years we’ve watched wars, and bombings and destruction. It is always hard to see. My heart always breaks for those involved, but it never really affected me. It happened on the other side of the world, by people and to people I don’t know and that I’ll likely never meet. Though it is horrific, my days move forward with little fanfare, and daily as we hear of a new attack or a new bombing on lands across the oceans we barely blink in surprise.
But this? Boston is MY home. This happened in MY country. This happened to people I know and love! And all of a sudden I see that this attack in MY city isn’t just an attack on Boston, or just on the United States. It, and all others like it, is an attack on humanity. And my heart breaks even more! How could I not see this before?
It’s now 1:00 in the afternoon and the manhunt in Boston continues for this other suspect. Like everyone else, I just sit and wonder how things like this happen? Most of my friends live on the north side of the city and are not currently under lockdown, but there are a few that are. I pray for everyone involved.
Today, for some reason, I feel incredibly patriotic and so PROUD to be an AMERICAN! I’m thankful for the hero’s here. Watching stories of the many trained personnel to the “average” civilian going to the  rescue and giving aid immediately following the bombings, to the dozens (well, probably hundreds) of police, SWAT, and military who are actively pursuing this suspect, directly facing this danger and running toward it, all in an effort to protect our home. And I can’t forget the many military men and women serving here and abroad who are fighting daily to protect our country, our rights, and our freedoms, and for the safety of those in the countries they are in.  What incredible people we have!

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