Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

 It has been such a busy week, I've felt like I've been drowning in all that I have going on, but it has been so GOOD! I am on my second full week of feeling like me again. Two whole weeks!!! This hasn't happened in MONTHS!! I wish I would have done what I did to get to this point a whole lot sooner!! This week I tackled a project for my boss of transferring all of his electronic contacts into an address book. This man is crazy popular and has 900 contacts. 9-0-0!!! Most people just say, "Well why couldn't you just print them?" or "Did you try a mail merge?". Either of these options would have taken mere hours to complete, tops! But due to the configuration of our system and the tight deadline I was on, we couldn't make that work. So, I spent two and half days copying and pasting information into a label template. I may have a case of carpal tunnel, but I FINISHED it!!I now have to stick all of those labels into the book, but that is NOTHING in comparison to where I've been! Yesterday may have been the busiest day I've had in months. I got to work early, worked ALL day on the label project, arranged two separate conferences in our office with lunch and managed to get the labels done by 6:15. Then I drove straight to the church to practice the organ, study Preach My Gospel, and have Institute class. By the time I got home, I was ready!!

As of today, I have officially been 14 days without chocolate!! It is AMAZING!!  I'm also still on track for my reading and walking...hopefully! I'm becoming such a fan of setting goals that really push me!They definitely have been at a disadvantage this week as I've been working ridiculous hours. Back on track I go!

Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day (chocolate free, ya know) :)

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