Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chocolate Free and Happy to Be

I am on day 6 with no chocolate!! (I was going to wait so I could say "one full week", but why not live in the moment and celebrate the small victories?) No chocolate breakfast drink, no chocolate cereal, no raspberry yogurt with small chocolate pieces...NONE! And the beautiful thing is I don't really miss it. It's helpful that I didn't cut out all desserts and sweets - that's just asking for trouble and failure. I'm pretty happy with myself. I know I shouldn't go quoting things without having sources, but here I go again. It was in a talk I heard by one of the apostles given many years ago. A lady brought her infant son to him after hearing him speak and asked what would be best to teach her child. This person responded "Teach him to deny himself". After only a week of denying myself chocolate, I honestly feel much more in control of myself. I don't have to give in to a little chocolate craving (or a big one), or anything else for that matter!

I am so happy right now...happy that I'm accomplishing my goals, happy that I'm becoming who I want to be, happy to be me!! I wish I had words to truly explain how I feel, but they just aren't there. All I know is that the person I've been dreaming of becoming my entire life (and realistically didn't expect to meet until I was a saintly old lady, assuming I make it that long in life) is beginning to look back at me in the mirror. It is a crazy, cool experience! It's almost hard to fathom, but it's happening. I still have a long ways to go and am nowhere near finished with myself, but it's a start!

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