Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 - January Recap

A full month down! I can't hardly believe it!! Because we've made it through January we now get to say that Lori will be home in LESS THAN A YEAR!! Not that I'm excited or anything...

If you'll recall, I set out to make 2013 a GREAT year! I've set a kajillion goals, some that will be year long, others that will go month by month.

Year long goals:
Read the Standard Works (Old & New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price) cover to cover. According to my outline, I needed to read through Numbers 15 by January 31. I made it to Numbers 20.

Walk 500 miles: This to me is a completely attainable goal when looked at in small chunks. I figured I would need to walk a minimum of 10 miles per week to reach this goal. Well, January started out a little rocky. I had to deal with (and for that matter, am still dealing) with a ridiculous and pretty painful health complication that I'd happily eliminate if only I could. That put me a full week behind. I've done my best to catch up to my goal and as of January 31 I walked 42 miles! Which, conveniently enough, is exactly what I need to walk to put me just over 500 miles at the end of the year!!

Monthly goal:
Visit Pike Place Market in Washington state. This one was supposed to be "in the bag". I had plane tickets purchased, time off work - there was NO reason to suppose this wouldn't happen. But then life threw a curve ball and I ended up cancelling my vacation and working right on through. So, back to the bucket list it goes...but it WILL be taken care of one day!

February will bring more challenges, but lots of GREAT opportunities! My monthly goal is to go the entire month of February WITHOUT chocolate!! Everyone is questioning why on earth I would pick the month notorious for chocolate gifts as the month without chocolate. Two reasons: 1 - no one will be buying me chocolate this Valentine's day (not bitter - just a fact) and 2 - I'm doing something better for my heart than eating something shaped like a heart. And for a third - February only has 28 days, a full 2 -3 days shorter than any other month. Seems perfectly logical to me. So, here we go!!

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