Friday, February 1, 2013

Relay for Life

My company is sponsoring a team at this years Relay for Life in Waycross, GA. I was recruited to co-captain this event, but I also chose to join this team. Now, I have been shamelessly soliciting donations for this event, and that is something that I am TOTALLY not comfortable doing. I don't like people asking me for money, and I REALLY do not like asking other people for money. That being said, the only way we're going to reach the company goal of $2500 is to ask for help.

We're coming up with some really great fundraising ideas for our employees on site (bake sales seem to be everyone's favorite idea). My favorite fundraising idea for everyone though are service donations. Let me explain...

 I totally understand how money goes and that sometimes it is difficult to donate it off, even if it is to a great cause. Whether we have money to donate or not, we all have talents and gifts that can be used to benefit others. I can bake a cake for someone who is willing to pay for it and donate that money to my Relay for Life fund. Other ideas we have are cutting someone's grass, shoveling snow (depending on your climate - doesn't apply to us here in Georgia), babysitting...whatever it is. Everyone get to help someone, the person the service is rendered for is helped and has received something for their monetary donation, and we're one step closer to reaching our goal.

So, if you can't donate money directly from your pocket (and trust me, I know how that goes, and I sincerely do not mean to pressure anyone), please consider getting out there and donating of yourself - and while you're at it, get the kids involved.

Also, the event is on April 12 - 13. We're in search of volunteers to help throughout the event (photographers, musicians, friendly faces). If you're in town (or want to come to town), mark your calendar!

If you would like to donate or join my team, please see the link on my Facebook page (or if we're not FB friends, leave me a comment). The more the merrier!

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