Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Day 7: Music

Music to me is AMAZING. Everyone learns differently, and music is the most meaningful to me. Once I hear something to a song, more than likely I'll have it forever. I can still remember songs we learned in elementary school. I remember our school elementary song (at least once I get it going); I remember the song that taught me to "cough on my cuff, and sneeze on my sleeve"; I remember the songs I learned the New Testament scripture mastery verses to. For me, music has the power to instantly affect the Spirit. There are certain tones, chords, and overall songs that instantly make me feel "dark", that I don't feel the Spirit as strongly. Conversely, there are some songs that instantly bring the Spirit, they bring joy and make me feel happy. I've been focusing on ensuring that I'm only listening to music that does bring the Spirit as part of my endeavor to become the person I want to be. I have noticed a change in myself in a short time of doing this. My thoughts and ideas have changed, my desires have become better. Music has an eternal, familiar sound.
I also love playing music. There is this incredible feeling of sitting down at a beautiful piano with a piece of music you've been practicing for weeks or months and when you play it, it sounds right. You hit that one note that always seemed out of reach; or that one part that where the timing was off and you nail it. There comes with this accomplishment a "high" of sorts - it makes me want to keep playing.

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