Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Day 11: Kids

I LOVE kids!! I really do. I tell people that and I think they think I'm joking. I love their energy, their wild imaginations, their love of life, their honesty (it's sometimes a little too honest), and their love. I spent the weekend with three of my favorite kids - a niece and two nephews of mine. They are so fun.
I also get to spend an hour each Sunday with the children at church. We spend time learning the gospel together and learning through music. But mostly, I'm learning from them. I am so impressed with the children who come ready to learn. Children really are like little sponges, especially when it comes to things of the Spirit and of eternal significance. They are open and receptive to learning the teachings of Jesus and are eager to follow His example. I'm grateful to have a very small part in that learning process (and hope that overall I'm doing more good than bad).
I am so grateful for all of these experiences and for all of the children in my life.
I also have to share a funny kid story from church today. One of the 5 year old boys raised his hands between songs and I called on him. He so sweetly asked if I was wearing any buttons. I thought it odd and told him that I was not wearing buttons. He asked again where my buttons were. I stopped for a second and looked at him and asked a couple of followup questions, finally remembering a conversation we had last week. Last Sunday the kids were a little wild and loud (we chalked it up to the Halloween candy still in their systems). They kept talking and wouldn't listen and I was getting frustrated. In my pleas to get them to cooperate, I told them that they were pushing my buttons. I guess to a 5 years old, there should be an actual button if you're going to use that kind of phrase.

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