Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratitude Challenge - Day 10: Fall

I love the change in seasons. For the last 12+ years I've lived in places that have VERY distinct seasons - 4 of them. Here in Georgia I've only really seen one - summer. I'm seeing another, and it's some sort of fall/winter version. And it's beautiful here now as far as the temperature goes. I'm breaking out my sweatshirts and cozy blankets and I'm loving it. However, I missed the bright and beautiful colors of changing leaves, though thankfully leaves have fallen here.
I remember my last fall in Boston (I didn't know at the time that it would be my last fall there) struggling with something at the time and was feeling depressed about whatever it was. As I drove to work this one particular day, I felt all of this emotion building inside me that I didn't know what to do with. I drove down this cute little street lined with trees. The wind had just picked up and the leaves were falling like snowflakes. There was something so freeing, it was almost as if the trees held my emotion and as I watched the leaves fall down, it was like nature was telling me to just let go. Each fall since, this year included, as I watch the leaves fall to the ground I feel this need to let go just a little more. Some years it's been ideas, other times; plans. This year it is emotion that I need to let go. As I watch each leaf fall, I take a deep breath and let another piece fall, and I feel just a little bit more free. I love FALL!

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