Monday, October 15, 2012

Small Things

We received another letter from Hermana Crawford (more commonly known in these parts as Lori). She told of how she and her companion were walking in an area after not being able to make contact with the person they had an appointment with. They saw a gentleman pushing a stroller and stopped and introduced themselves as missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The man said that his wife ha met the missionaries a couple of weeks before at the store and had gotten their number but it was the number for the English speaking missionaries, so she hung up and wasn't able to get in touch with anyone because she spoke Spanish. Lori shared how even though she had "slipped through the cracks" and no one knew how to contact her, Heavenly Father knew where she was. He knows each of us and where we are. He knows what we need, and He knows who to send to fill those needs.
Today as I was driving home from work, I had a very clear impression to take a certain road home. I've been trying to listen, realize, and act on inspiration, so instead of turning on the road I have been taking, I went down to the next one. Our down-the-road neighbors were out by the ditch near the road gathering pecans and I got to stop and visit with them. I haven't made time to go and visit them like I should, and while there didn't appear to be any great need or "real" importance to the visit we had on the side of the road, it meant a lot to me to see them, and I feel it may have brightened their day as well. Sometimes a quick chat is just what someone needs. Don't ignore a prompting. Just do it (it seems Nike was on to something when they came up with that).

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