Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eulogy: An Ode to PeeWee and the Rest of the Flock

We have a lot of chickens, but they can be classified in three categories: the big ones(Goldie is the only one worth knowing really, the rest are, well - they're birds (and I don't really love birds)), the little ones (this is about them), and the babies (Goldie hatched three babies several weeks ago - but really, I don't have strong feelings for them one way or the other).

The little ones are my favorite! With the exception of Frisky (the evil one - he tried to attack me every time I went in the pen), these are the best chickens ever - very personable and so much fun. There is Buffy (the brown one), Cory (the black and brown one - combination of the names Lori and Cristy), NaeNae, the snowy, white one (Lori's middle name is Renae - get it??), and my absolute favorite, PeeWee, the black little fluff ball.

Over the last several weeks, he and I have created a very unique bond. I can call him from almost anywhere in the back field, and he will come running when I call his name (also done in a very unique way). The other three were never far behind and as of late, Cory would come running/flying to me when I called PeeWee. We decided that we needed to get it on video before something terrible happened. As you know, life with animals, especially farm animals, is uncertain. So, two days ago mom and dad had "the littles" out of their pen and were letting them roam. We went out, I called, and here they come...

The next day, not even 24 hours later, I came home to find out that in the middle of the night, something (dog, coyote, bear, wolverine...) had somehow gotten into their pen and killed all five of them as they slept. I cannot tell a lie...I cried (and may or may not be crying now as I type this). Who knew that you could actually bond with, and become so attached to, chickens. A little piece of my heart died with them.

Luckily, we were able to catch this memory before their untimely passing. Our little part of the world definitely won't be the same without them (boy, it sounds dumb in writing...). Farewell my feathery friends...  :(

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