Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am just a happy person-end of story. I drive some of my coworkers nuts because I am in such a good mood most of the time, and especially in the mornings. I'm not necessarily a morning person, but I figure if I'm up, I might as well be happy and share the joy.
I have one employee in particular that isn't terribly fond of my chipper self first thing in the morning. When I go in to the break room to make my boss's coffee, I cheerfully greet whoever may be sitting there. This man has commented more than once that I am simply in too good of a mood.
Today, I was at the copier and I hear someone at the cabinet behind me say "Good morning, Sunshine". I turned around to find this guy standing there. I asked him if he was talking to me and he gave the best response I've heard in quite a while. He confirmed that he was indeed talking to me; after all, I am the one in an "ever good mood". And then I laughed and went about my day, on a mission to spread my good mood.

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