Saturday, September 29, 2012

An Amazing Sister

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about some things in my life. I've been struggling to feel in control of my life. Some parts I have little to no control over due to circumstance, while other areas I've essentially given away control in an attempt to be accommodating, or to allow myself time to figure things out. Anyway, I have done a lot of talking and thinking and praying and I realized just how much I miss having my sister and best friend around, or at least to be able to pick up the phone and call her and have her set me straight.
Since she is on her mission, I don't tell her every little thing that is going on, and try to keep on the positive and stay focused on the important stuff, but I gave her the highlights version of everything and that girl, well, she wrote back the most wonderful letter! It's incredible how even though time and great distance separate us, she still gets me, and loves me, and gives amazing advice.
She reminds me that I'm worth it...all of it, not just bits and pieces; I kind of lose sight of that occasionally and don't expect much for myself. She reminds me that there is always good to be had in the world and anything worth having is worth working for. And my favorite part of her letter was my "homework assignment" (in almost every letter I am tasked to do something)...she told me to stand in front of the mirror and say "I see pride. I see power. I see a southern, white girl that won't take no crap from nobody." (points to you if you know where that reference was adapted from)!
Love that girl and miss her like crazy!
Also, we went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner tonight and my fortune was perfect for everything I've been feeling. It said that people in my surroundings would be very cooperative (and something else...i just can't remember it now-blast) in the coming week. Hopefully I use my power for good. :)
Here's to a peaceful nights rest, a spiritually rejuvenating day at church tomorrow, and a reminder that I am ALWAYS worth it (and that goes for you, too!!!).

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