Thursday, June 14, 2012

Miracles Happen

The last 24 hours (make that about 30 hours) have been incredibly interesting. It started just before 4 pm yesterday afternoon. I was sitting at my desk in my office, mom at her desk in her office. Her phone was in the kitchen ringing. She went to grab it and had missed the call. It was dad. She called him back, and all he said was, "Meet me at the back door", and you know that's never a good thing. She jumped on the golf cart and started driving out to the woods as he came around the barn. I was standing on the back porch waiting to see what was going on. I didn't have to wait long. Mom came flying back with dad on the golf cart. He was holding his nose - there was blood everywhere!! To be honest, it looked like part of his nose was missing, luckily it wasn't.
We grabbed some towels and hurried him to the car. This day I became the ambulance driver. I proud to say that I didn't speed and we still made it to the hospital in 10 minutes!! I don't think the pros could have done it any better, but that's just me. :)
At the ER, they took him right back to a room - mostly because he looked really bad and he STUNK really bad. This guy had been working outside all day and was sweaty and dirty...and he STUNK!! The nurse made him take his shirt off and put a gown on, it was so bad, but I digress.
6 hours, a set of labs, x-rays, CT scan, 2 large doses of morphine and a round of antibiotics and he was released with "just" a broken nose and a major black eye. Now, you may be wondering how he did this and why I would consider a black eye a miracle. Let me explain.
He was out on his tractor in the woods, pushing down some trees. Somehow, one he didn't know he had escaped the reach of the tractor and came flying up over the front of the tractor and hit him in the face, full speed ahead. He told us later that when he regained his bearings, he realized the tree was stuck in the roll bar of the tractor and wouldn't release because of the tension - and did I mention that before it got stuck it HIT HIM IN THE FACE?!?
In all seriousness, he probably shouldn't have survived this injury. It is truly a miracle. I'm so glad that he made it home from this one. With Father's day on Sunday and his birthday on Tuesday, I've already been thinking more about him and realizing how lucky I am to have him. Now, I'm even more so. So, happy early Father's/Birth Day, Dad! We're all glad you're still here!!

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