Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Heavy Lifting

12:30 at night (or is it morning) is not the time to have any sort of serious conversation. Luckily, when I talked to Lori last night (or was it morning) we weren't trying to have a serious conversation. We were just being goofy and reminiscing again. This time I was remembering a trip to Lagoon last summer. Actually, it was on the way home...
We had spent the day at Lagoon and because we're budget conscious (aka: cheap) we didn't eat at the park. We were driving home and stopped at Wendy's shortly after leaving. We pulled into the drive-thru behind a large SUV with a trailer. The guy placed his order and pulled forward to the window to pick up his food, and we pulled up to place our order. We were instructed to pull forward to the next window, but the guy and his SUV/trailer were still there. It turns out he didn't make the turn wide enough and his trailer got caught on one of the cement posts they use to protect the building (at least that's what I assume they're for). He kept backing up and pulling forward, and backing up and pulling forward. We went through this for a few minutes. 
Soon enough, his wife and a couple of teenagers jumped out of the SUV and were trying to guide him back and forth, but to no avail. Next thing we know, the man is out of his vehicle and his wife is in the drivers seat. The same process - the same result. Now we're beginning to get a little frustrated. I mean, we've been outside in the sun, playing hard, all day long and we're hungry. And this guy is blocking our way. He comes around to the back of the trailer in an attempt to move it and again, no success. While he was standing there, I told Lori to jump out and help them (the joy of being the driver). Luckily she did. She walked up between my car and their trailer. At this point the man and kids had walked up to the SUV to talk to his wife and what happens next, well - you really had to see to believe. And I did...so I do! While these people are standing around talking about what needs to happen next, Lori reaches down and with strength I've never seen, literally picks the trailer up off the ground, moves it to the right of where it was and places it - ever so gently - back down on the ground. And, as if nothing abnormal had happened, she turned around and walked back to the car and got in. The man and his family just stood there, eyes wide (seriously, I wish I had a picture of this guys face), not believing what just happened. Luckily, they recovered quickly, got in and drove away and we got our food.
And that, my friends, is the story of why we're not still sitting in a drive-thru line near Farmington. This is also the story of why Lori is seriously one of the top 3 coolest people I know (no offense to anyone else, but can you lift a trailer by yourself??). 

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