Sunday, May 6, 2012

Picture Randomness

So, it's been an extremely wonderful and busy two week since I moved to Georgia, and I'm loving every minute of it. One day I'll actually take some time to write, but today I just have a couple of pictures. Mostly, I just wanted you to know I'm still alive. Just busy living life instead of writing about it. :)

Before I left Utah, we went to this great little Boston-style pizza place called Nicolitalia. This is the sign posted on the drink machine. This falls under the heading of "only in Utah".

My company is wonderful and they let me take my job with me when I moved to Georgia. This is the view from my new office, and that would be the neighbor's house. So gorgeous and sunny here!

My Paco - so doggone tired! He was so tired he couldn't even roll all the way to his side.

My parents cat had kittens just a couple of days before I got home which makes them just barely two weeks  old! This is Shelly - she happens to be the cutest one and my favorite. Cute little angels - there are four of them. Also, if you want a cat, call us!! They're all going to need a home in a few weeks.

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