Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Wishes

On Friday afternoon I found out through a coworker that we were expecting snow over the weekend. I really should watch the news/weather more...right now it’s like every day is a surprise.  Saturday morning we woke up to rain, and a lot of it. As we were driving down University Ave. in Provo and we noticed the streets getting really full. I commented to Lori that it would be funny if the temperatures dropped enough that all of the water would freeze and then we wouldn’t have to go anywhere. Well, I got half of my wish…it got really cold and started snowing and it was an icy mess. Luckily the roads themselves had been treated well and they weren’t bad, but our parking lot was covered in at least ½ inch of ice (more in some place)! We were fortunate because we were out on Saturday night and before we went in for the night, I wiped down my car knowing that if I didn’t, it would be frozen solid in the morning. We woke up Sunday morning before church and I was so glad that I cleaned off my car…we had friends who spent up to an hour scraping off their cars! Yikes! Happy winter! 

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