Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bucket List - Part II

I have this amazing mother who supports me and all of my ideas, however, she is also my voice of reason when I've gone too far. One of the items on my bucket list was to ride horseback on a beach. I was talking with her yesterday and she said she liked everything on my list except for that one and then followed with the voice of reason. She reminded me that after my back surgery, the doctor told me to NEVER do two things: 1 - gymnastics and 2 - horseback riding. So, for medical reasons (and if I'm being completely honest, fear - but mostly medical reasons) I have removed this from my list and have replaced it with the following: Make all recipes from Josi Kilpack's Culinary Mystery series. That should keep me busy for quite a while!

Also, I have added my bucket list to my side bar so I can easily track my progress (or guilt myself, whichever comes first).

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