Saturday, January 15, 2011

Besides, what you see, I have...

Confidence in me.
Thank you Julie Andrews for singing this song that has recently become stuck in my head.
In a testimony meeting at church, I recently related that I learned two important truths over the course of 2010.
Important Truth 1 - Our Heavenly Father is completely in charge of our lives and only does things for us that allow us to grow and become better.
It is because of IT1 that I learned IT2...
Important Truth 2 - I can do hard things.
I am really good at making plans for my life. I'm also really good at changing them (or not following through; both have been know to happen). If you want to see how not in control of your life you are, make plans and try going it on your own. Inevitably, my plans fall through, my life is changed completely, I'm required to do hard things, and I triumph every time. Now before you think I've lost my head completely and believe that I somehow did this on my own, let me clarify something. I can do hard things, but I need help...lots of help. Heavenly Father knows this and always sends aid to my rescue no matter what the problem is. Between the actual "hard thing(s)" and the assistance I receive from Him, I am given strength and confidence that I can continue moving forward. What comfort, joy, and excitement that gives me for my future. No matter what happens I know IT1 and IT2 and with that knowledge, faith, and determination I move forward.
Life hasn't turned out anything like what I had anticipated. I had so many other plans for my life, but right now, in this moment, I have no doubt that I am exactly where the Lord wanted and needed me. I may not understand that fully but I know its true. I firmly believe that because of the situations I find myself in now, I am becoming exactly who I need to be, for myself, now and in the future; for my family and friends; for Him.

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Makenna Donaldson said...

Wow, those are amazing truths! Thank you so much for sharing that! Heavenly Father is in complete control of our lives, and it's wonderful how things work out when we trust Him!!