Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Like Ants

I left work late today, as I have been doing for the past several weeks. A new job means new challenges and more often than not, not enough time in the average work day to complete it all. But I'm not complaining. Really, I'm not. I love what I do and I really even like staying late. I get more done in the afternoon in an hour or so after most people are gone than I do a couple of hours during standard operating hours. Anyway, I was driving home today in the dark and taking note of all the lights ahead of me for as far as I could see. It reminded me of ants marching to the colony.
As I started thinking of this, I began to see many comparisons between us and the ants. I mean, we're not ants out collecting food to return it to the colony, and hopefully we're not just mindlessly walking around, following the person in front of us (with the exception of driving a car...and perhaps standing in line for a good sale or an amazing sandwich), but for better or worse, we are in the crowd trying to make it back to the colony. This thought made me ask myself a question. If I am a part of the crowd, and if I have to follow behind someone, or even several people, am I selecting a good leaders? Who do I let lead me around. Do I follow behind because I know they're heading the same place I am, or am I just stuck in my space and mindlessly following.
Well, since that was a question for my own introspection, I won't actually give you the answer. Rest assured that I'm not mindless (most of the time), and since I have been thinking about this have found some areas in my own life where I will become the leader, not the follower. If something or someone isn't going to get me back where I want to go, why would I keep going??

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