Friday, September 10, 2010


I was cooking breakfast a few months ago and on this particular morning, I was making pancakes. I love breakfast food. I could eat it for all three meals and be happy. Pancakes are just one of the many breakfast foods that I love and could probably eat often. I can eat them plain, I like them with peanut butter and jelly/syrup, and sometimes I like to top them with fruit. Sometimes I get adventuresome and put surprises inside. A pancake is so good plain, but just a slight addition and it becomes something truly magnificent (come on, I know you talk about your breakfasts like this!).

As I pondered my love of pancakes, I thought about how much life is like a pancake. Life, as itself, is great. But then you start adding things to it: friends, family, activities, knowledge, and more. Now, you’ve taken something that is great and made it magnificent. Something that you don’t want to end, something that you want to share with everyone you know. Let’s be more willing to share the great things we have in our life with everyone we know. When we are more willing to share the good, we see more good, and ultimately we are happier and we want to share more of the goodness. It is a fantastic circle of optimism and greatness (which is also similar to a pancake).

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