Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I always feel like I should have some grand story and interesting facts, or even some witty comment to make on my blog, but alas, I have come up empty handed. So, I will just share with you some of the thoughts that have been running around in my mind over the past couple of days and that have been motivating me.

Change is inevitable. Jump in with both feet and embrace it. If change is something that you have little to no control over, choose to control how you will face the change.

Follow the rules. The cops are out in full force here in Utah, and not just in one place, they are everywhere. There is safety in following the rules/laws. This is true not only of the laws of the land, but of the commandments.

Read your scriptures. Our ward just completed a Book of Mormon reading challenge and for the first time in my life, I actually completed it ON TIME! I’ve read through several times, and I’ve tried to follow along when I have taken classes or have been issued challenges, but I’ve never made it on schedule. It was an incredible experience. If you feel like you’re not getting much out of your scripture study, try harder, make it more of a priority and incorporate it into your routine. I have never been so grateful that I stuck with something. It was also a good thing I finished because I was asked to share a few words about my experience for ward prayer. It would have been hard to say that I hadn’t finished it and that they had better ask someone else.

Watch for the miracles. Right before we left Boston, we got to attend our last Stake Conference there. One of the last speakers on Saturday evening spoke about miracles and said usually we focus on the ‘big’ miracles, the ones that everyone sees and recognizes. He urged us to stop and look around us and see the small everyday miracles that so often go unnoticed. I took his advice and have been overwhelmed by the miracles that occur all around me.

Look beyond yourself. I have this terrible trait of self doubt. I automatically assume people won’t like me, that people are judging me, and that in general, people would prefer I weren’t even around. It is always very hard for me to really get to know people because I’m not confident in social situations (which I blame on past experiences, but that I’m learning to cope with and overcome). I have learned that everyone loves to hear something good about themselves, to know that someone is thinking of them, and is watching out for them. I learned this week that no one is exempt from that, no matter what kind of front they put on, or how they seem in general.

Live like there’s no tomorrow. This kind of goes with my previous point, but don’t wait. If you have a kind thought, say it. If you feel inspired to call someone, do it. If you see someone who needs a hug, give it. Things happen far too quickly in life. Sometimes people are taken from us before we get to do these things, sometimes life just happens. People move and change, sometimes they just move one. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

You only live once. Try something new. Dream big. Make plans. If you want to go to culinary school, or volunteer in an orphanage in another country, or you want to teach (yes, these are a few of my plans), do it. Work towards it. Things may change and you may have to edit your list, but get moving. Don’t wait your life away for the perfect opportunity because chances are that it won’t come.

Realize you are amazing. Every person is. I have always heard it said that everyone has the potential to be amazing, but I have decided to change it. Every person has the potential to do amazing things, but you are amazing just by being you. Granted, the more you do and the better you become, your amazing factor points increase exponentially, but that’s totally beside the point. Value yourself and who you are. Chances are other people see it and just haven’t helped you see it yet, but just wait, that day will come. Until then, tell yourself that you are amazing. Wash, rinse, and REPEAT – over and over. If you need to have a mirror by your front door so you can tell yourself how awesome you are as you come and go, do it. Write it on paper and stick it places you will see it until you realize it and remember it.

You are amazing!

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