Tuesday, August 10, 2010

24 Things You Probably Didn't Want to Know

Since I’m thoroughly looking forward to being 24 (tomorrow), I have compiled a ridiculously random list (24 things to be exact - one for each year of my life) of facts, thoughts, and statements about myself. Brace yourself for 24 pieces of useless knowledge.

1. I love the color pink – the brighter, the better
2. I have an incredible fear of coming down from something (bleachers, mountains – you get the idea) or of falling
3. I don’t mind the silence
4. I day dream far too often
5. I love to read
6. I hate the feel of tape on my skin
7. I love getting a foot massage
8. I love office supplies
9. I don’t like to try new food because I forget that I can spit it out if I don’t like it
10. I love listening to someone playing the guitar
11. I sometimes wish I could live in the water
12. I love to try new recipes
13. I like to eat green, unripe fruit – it’s crunchy
14. I love to play the piano
15. I love spending time with kids and being a kid myself
16. I like to make big plans
17. I dream of opening a bakery one day
18. I love waterfalls and butterflies
19. I put my arms out like a bird and wish I could fly when the wind blows
20. I prefer soggy French fries to crisp ones
21. I love take offs in an airplane
22. I love to laugh
23. I would rather be cold than hot
24. I love checking the mail

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