Thursday, August 19, 2010

What does it mean?

Last night I had a very strange, but entirely too real, dream. In the dream, I was participating in some sort of triathlon. We had done the swimming and I was on my bike. At some point, a friend called me and told me that she and her kids were at the movie theater in town and that I should stop by. I get to this rotary in town and see the theater, so I decide to go inside and stay for just a few minutes (apparently I was confident about winning the race…that, or I didn’t even care about finishing). Anyway, there are signs everywhere telling movie goers that no outside food is allowed. The next thing I realize, I am reaching into my pockets and realize that I have this bag of cotton candy and a bag a Cheetos. I decide that it must be in my pockets for a reason, so I go and find my friend and her kids and sit there for a bit. The kids start whining about how they’re hungry and I’m all like “Hey, look what I have”, whispering of course so no one knows. I tell my friend to make some sort of subtle noise so I can get the Cheetos bag out without drawing attention to me. For some stupid reason, she starts clapping in the middle of the movie.
All of a sudden, some woman sitting a few rows back says “We’re going to need security in theater 8”. I immediately shove the bag of Cheetos between the cushions (this theater had couches – very bizarre) and then stood up. I told the woman that I had just stopped by to see my friend but that I needed to get back to my triathlon. She very boldly told me that I wasn’t going anywhere. The big ol’ security guys come in and start pulling the couch apart and she asks if I have anything else on me. I told her no, but then remembered that bag of cotton candy. The security guys are still trying to figure out how to ‘tear apart the couch’ – all brawn, no brains kind of guys, apparently. The woman asks me again if I have anything on me and she proceeds to tell me that they’ll go easier on me if I confess to having something before they find what they are certain is in the couch. I tell her no again, and then I pretend to be checking my pockets and decided to be all like, “Hey, I just found this but didn’t really know it was here”, all the while just lying through my teeth.
The next thing I know she is walking toward me, very angrily I might add. Then – I WOKE UP!! I don’t even know what the punishment was for ‘crime’. I don’t know if they really went easily on me. I don’t know if I ever really told the truth. Does it make me a bad person if I lie and break rules in my dreams?

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