Sunday, August 9, 2009


We got to go sailing for the first time ever on Saturday with our wonderful friend and home teacher. The day couldn't have been better! The sun was out, it wasn't too windy (but not too still either; that may have been a problem) and the water was perfect! I was a little nervous about getting on the boat, but after the hassle of getting out to the boat, it was no big deal (we had to kayak out to the dock where the boat was and get from the kayak UP to the dock - not fun or graceful by any stretch of the imagination and I will N-E-V-E-R try that again.)
My absolute favorite part was being on the front of the boat and trying to lay in the sun. I say trying because every time I thought I would have a great stretch of light and warmth, we would turn and the sail would be on the wrong side - but it was completely relaxing anyway. One of Lori's friends came down for the day and we had a blast hanging out and giggling like a bunch of little girls. It was truly perfect! I wouldn't have traded it for anything! Pictures will follow one day...maybe!

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