Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Work, A Recipe, and Walking

I feel like my post was a bit scatter brained yesterday; but I guess that is just what happens when I blog on my lunch break with phones ringing and emails flying. So what do I do today -blog on break...again. I may never learn.
Yesterday was a great day! Work is finally giving me my own day to day work assignments, which I am so grateful and excited about. Up to this point my job has really been dependent on someone else. I am excited to have my own routine and to know what needs to be done without being told.
Last night I tried a new recipe for Apple Cake I found on the Sisters Cafe blog. I love their recipes and this one was no exception. I am not one for experimenting with recipes (I leave that to my mom and sister) and was so glad that I didn't! It was perfect. Not too sweet like come cakes tend to be and was pretty fluffy considering. The only thing I would do differently would be to add some cinnamon (I just love the apple cinnamon combo). I will definitely be making that recipe again.
After I put the cake in I went downstairs for my nightly workout. We got a phonecall from the missionaries saying they were on their way over; about 15 minutes. I figured I could get at least one mile in before they arrived so I worked hard and kept it up. Then mile 2 rolled around and before you know it I had finished the 3rd mile. I couldn't believe it! I was so glad that I didn't stop after mile 1 to be ready and a little less sweaty before they got there because...they never showed up. Poor new missionaries are still a little confused and called our house instead of the other person they were going to visit. Better luck next time for them. What a night!

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