Monday, March 16, 2009

Is anyone else ready for a change? I mean, anything from a new outfit, to a new season, new job, new friends, anything... Well, I am. I have been feeling a bit like I'm in a rut and I need to snap out of it. I have decided to be more proactive in my life and I figured the best place to start was to declutter, clean, and organize. I was supposed to tackle that this weekend but let other things pop up here and there. However, I am making it not only a goal, but a resolution for this week. I am planning on setting some sort of consequence as well if I don't get it accomplished (me? punish myself?), although I am not sure what it should be.
I have also decided that I really want to learn to play the guitar and miraculously I started playing again yesterday (look - a goal I sort of accomplished!). I have a long way to go, but I figure a little bit every day or so will help me get back up to speed where I used to be. I learned a very valuable lesson from my inactivity with the guitar. Once you forget and stop playing, it really hurts to start again. My fingers are sore today, but it makes me feel like I am in the process of accomplishing something - that I am making something of myself. Yay!

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