Monday, March 23, 2009

Staying power

Well, I can fully divulge all of the details of my secret. I should probably start out with the original plan in all its glory. My brainstorm for the past, well, almost year, was to go back to school. The big question was where, and then the second question was what program. I looked at BYU-Idaho since that is where I started my college education and fully enjoyed the experience. I looked at LDS Business College since it was a second choice when I graduated from high school and I liked the programs that they had to offer. I also looked at North Shore Community College here and other colleges and business schools from here to the west coast and back and everywhere in between.
I finally made my attend LDS Business College. They have a great Executive Assistant Program that I am extremely interested in. I made my decision and started getting everything rolling. I even started telling people that I was out of here. I followed through with decision and got my application submitted and the paperwork for housing filled out and ready to go and finally decided that I had better tell my company, just so they had a head's up that I was considering leaving; I thought it was the only appropriate thing to do since they have been so great to me. Well, I told my manager that I was thinking about going to school again, and that it was not local. She was incredibly supportive of my decision on a personal level. She encouraged me to go and to do what I needed to do. But, on a professional level, she didn't want me to leave. I went home and thought about everything again, making sure that I was really making the right decision. Well, the more I talked about it with my parents and the more I re-evaluated what I was doing, I realized that I didn't want to quit my job, and I didn't want to sell my car, and I didn't really want to start all over as a college student (at least not full time). After over an hour of careful consideration, the decision was made - I AM STAYING IN MA!!
I feel extremely confident in my decision to stay and to begin taking classes this summer at North Shore Community College. I knew once I found the right path that everything would feel right and fall into place, and it has. It's definitely not the plan I had originally, but it is the one that I feel is right for me.
So, if I fall of the face of the blogging world, and I guess, the world in general, it will be the new workload of my life, but I will be LOVING it!

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