Friday, March 6, 2009

Utah - day 7

I can't believe that I have already been here a week - time really does fly! But before and I can tell you what I did today - I have to fill in the details of yesterday!
Yesterday was a really great day (as they all seem to be). I finally made my way to campus, well, it was the Bookstore - but it was still great to get out and do something. Lori spent most of her time away from home between work and school. When she was home, we actually took an afternoon nap and spent time together with nothing going on. She had to re-write a paper (stupid computer problems) but she's awesome and did it without too much grumbling! Dude, if it had been me I don't know what I would have done, but it wouldn't have been too pretty, I'm sure. While everyone was away I cleaned their apartment. I got bored, but it was really fun. I scrubbed the kitchen and living room top to bottom - I really felt like I got a lot accomplished! I had several movies playing and it was a really great time. Lori and I stayed up while she finished writing her paper (sort of) but had fun talking a bit.
After writing this I've decided that it wasn't all that exciting, but again, it was just a great day. I made plans last night to see some friends at lunch today and tomorrow, so it should be fun! I will also try to pull the camera out again and get some more pictures before I leave.
Until the next time...

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