Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I l-o-v-e having a schedule! I may not always follow it and plans change all the time, but I like to know what is going on, and an approximate time frame, and I like to be in charge of it. For the past week, I have had a crazy mixed up schedule that I have had a very hard time dealing with. Our company is moving to a new payroll system and there has been so much behind the scenes work to get it up and going - it's been nuts! Last Thursday I was here until 9 pm and then on Friday I was here until 6:30 (okay, it's not so late, but still - on a Friday night??) I took my work home with me and worked all weekend on it, leaving the house only once to go to church. I worked on this project (the word I now use to describe it is 'evil') all day yesterday, too! It's almost up and running and I am waiting for just a couple of more buttons to be switched at Corporate and then we are live and running and getting payroll done today.
The point of my ramblings, you may ask. This horrible project has destroyed my schedule - I mean everything...eating, sleeping, drinking (water - completely dehydrated, but that's a different story), everything changed! Last night was the first night that I had off in 4 nights. I left the office at 5, I went home, at dinner at a normal time, worked out (yay!), and slept. It was so peaceful! While this project isn't over, I am glad that the brunt of the work is done and that I can get back to my schedule.
In other news... I GOT ACCEPTED to NSCC. The letter was waiting for me when I got home from work. I won't start officially until the fall, which is just as good - it gives me one more summer to play before the real work begins and I have to readjust my schedule (there's that word again), although I am hoping that I can take a class online, just to get in the swing of things.
I have also decided that I am going to repaint my room and rearrange it. It needs to be more study friendly for when I do start school, and I think that changing the color will help that. I will definitely be taking before and after shots of this new project. I am hoping to start it this weekend; I guess only time will tell.
My last piece of GREAT news - General Conference is this weekend. While I absolutely love hearing from all of the Church leaders, I am more excited that I can sleep in if I want! I'm also thinking a pedicure between sessions on Saturday (well, there goes working on my room).

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