Friday, April 3, 2009

8 years and counting...

Well, today is an interesting 'anniversary', of sorts. It has been exactly 8 years since I had my back surgery. The general reaction I get when someone finds out that I have a rod in my back is one of two things, the first being either "were you born with it" or "was it an accident" (no joke, I've been asked both. Repeatedly.) The second is usually sympathy, which I appreciate, but feel no need for. I may have a rod in my back, and it may stay there forever (seriously, I don't ever want them to try to take it out - OUCH!), but it hasn't limited my life. Having the rod sometimes limits what I can/can't, choose/choose not to do, but I am living life exactly the way I want it. I have no regrets that I had this trial in my life, in fact I'm grateful for it. It has brought some incredible blessings and experiences that I can only assume I would not have had if it weren't for being 'surgically altered'. Besides, it makes for a great story.
So, Happy April 3rd. I'm looking forward to April 11th (the best day ever, in case you haven't heard) and will explain that one another time.

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