Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just a few thoughts now that November is upon us. Only a few short weeks until the official holiday season begins (which unlike some people, I feel it begins the week of Thanksgiving. Halloween just doesn't fit in that category). I look forward to the opportunity to spend time with friends that we don't often get the chance to. I look forward to that feeling - you know, that "this is the most awesome time ever" kind of feeling. For the most part, everyone seems happier during most of this time.
I don't remember paying much attention to the change of seasons last year, but this year has been really enjoyable to watch. The colors were so incredibly vibrant and lasted for a pretty good while. But then the temps got colder and the rains came. So many trees are empty now. Monday was a little interesting. I was feeling quite under the weather - very depressed (what a waste of time and emotion - don't you think?). As I was driving to work, trying to find some happy music to listen to, I stopped under some really gorgeous trees. The thing that made me...uh, happy? was that the leaves were falling so quickly. I watched the leaves the rest of the ride, falling quickly to the ground, there was no hope for them, they were done. I realized as I watched that I was feeling like the tree. My mood was the leaves, and they were falling quickly. Fortunately for me, there was hope at the end of my tunnel. A decent meal, a hard work out, and a good mom hug and I was as good as new (of course almost a day and a half of feeling blah helped to be able to enjoy the other good things).
Today was very rainy and the leaves that hadn't fallen at that point don't have much of a chance, but my mood was different today. Today I was able to look at it, not like a season that is ending, a time of sorrow or misery, but as the opportunity for a new season to begin. Isn't that what our lives are, ever changing seasons? There may be an end to one, and it may feel like everything is falling and leaving you empty, but if you give it a chance, you just might find that what happens next has its own level of enjoyment and goodness.

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