Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Parable of the Selfie

Today in Sacrament meeting the speaker was telling a story about how, while on vacation, his son helped him improve his selfie taking skills. He said he had listened to the bishop a few weeks ago share that almost anything could be tied back to some sort of gospel-centered lesson. As I considered his experience I realized I could tie it to a little lesson.

To start, though, we have to go back a few many years. I was probably 18 and home from college. As a family we decided to go to Cracker Barrel for dinner. After dinner, as we always do, we walked around the store. That day they had a number of hats and my sister started putting them on me. Before long a male employee came over and was joining in the fun. At one point he grabbed a mirror and was holding it in all sorts of different positions so I could get a better look, all the while making silly comments. (This is the part where I'm told he was flirting with me but, as usual, I was completely oblivious!!) He took the mirror and held it above me and said that that was the way God saw me, from above.

Okay, fast forward to the present day. When I take a selfie I know the proper placement to take what I feel are the most flattering pictures of myself, whether that's true or not I can't be certain. That view is from above, or at least at a higher vantage point than what I normally see myself in. As our flattering friend would have said, it's the way God sees me.

I believe a loving Heavenly Father does see me in the most positive way, but I don't always see it. The picture I regularly take of myself is from every other angle really; some from eye level, some from the right or left, some from below. I need to remember that as a child of God I have every right to see myself in the same way He does. It's not in a self-righteous way. It's in line with my understanding of my eternal worth.

So as I move forward and continue taking my selfies, I hope to always live in such a way that they will always reflect the way God sees me.

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