Monday, January 6, 2014

What I Was Going to Say

Yesterday was testimony meeting at church. I had been giving a lot of thought about bearing my testimony, but I was having trouble formulating what I wanted to say. So I sat in my seat and pondered and contemplated and did so for so long that the meeting ended. But by the time it was over, I knew what I wanted to say.

Over a year ago I made a decision to discover who I was and to become the woman I wanted to be and that I knew God wanted me to be. I knew that if I stayed where I was, doing what I was doing, I would NEVER be her. So I set some BIG goals and started working one day at a time. Each day I worked on my goals was one day closer to who I was becoming, and one further away from who I had been.

As I finished each of my goals and reflected on the lessons I had learned, I could see clearly the hand of the Lord in my life. President Clark gave the following remarks at a BYU-Idaho devotional. He said:

“Today, I want to talk about you: about who you are and who you are becoming…You are the spirit sons and daughters of God. You are having a mortal experience to become worthy heirs of exaltation and eternal life with an eternal companion in an eternal family with eternal increase.

“Now you may be wondering what this has to do with the things you worry about in your daily life – going on a date, passing math, learning to write well, finding a major, or getting a good job.

“Here is my answer: who you really are and who you are becoming eternally have everything to do with the details of your mortal life. In fact, if you come unto Christ, He will shape and develop your eternal identity and character through your choices and actions in every part of your daily life. Through the power of His atoning sacrifice, He will change your heart and help you become more and more like Him.” (Click here to read the full address)

I can see clearly that He has in fact used my daily choices to develop me and help me in my mission to become. I’m so grateful that I made the choice to work hard and set some goals and work toward the woman I wanted to be!

My testimony is that God works in the details of our lives. He is interested in the things we are doing and will take our best efforts and through Christ’s atoning sacrifice will transform us into the best possible version of ourselves.

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