Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 - December Recap

Can you believe it? 2013 has come and I have CONQUERED!! I'm going to write a second post of all the things I learned, gained, lost, experienced, or just LOVED about 2013, but for right now, here is how my bucket list goals played out.

Walk 500 miles: I DID IT!!! Actually I walked 528 miles!!! I reached my goal on December 13 which, interestingly enough was Friday the 13th. Turns out it is my lucky day...perhaps even my luckiest month!!

Read the standard works cover to cover: Success!!! I CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!! It was a goal that truly pushed me and tried my endurance! I finished it on Monday the 23rd, right before Christmas. What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas than to study the gospel of Jesus Christ and to realize that without the gift the Father gave of His Only Begotten Son, we wouldn't be where we are now. I'm just now beginning to truly grasp the major impact of all of that.

Grow my hair out to donate: I haven't cut it yet, so it's partial success, right?? Hopefully midyear I'll get to cross this one off the bucket list!! Though it may take a little longer than that. I'm already having mild anxiety at the thought of cutting it...and at the same time SOOOO ready to chop it all off!

These were some INCREDIBLY huge goals for me and to be sitting where I am now is unreal!! It is never too early or too late to set another goal, to try something new, to feel just a bit overwhelmed! Be motivated! Be active! Take charge of life and be an active participant in it rather than just an observer!!

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