Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Language We Speak

In each unit of my Family Foundations class we are assigned a project. This unit we are focused on Love Languages (I SOOOO didn't see that coming). All of the others have been relatively easy and I felt prepared for, but this one came out of nowhere. It's been a really interesting experience though. At the YSA conference I attended in August, one of the speakers I listened to talked about this and identifying our own love language to understand what it is we need out of our relationships, whether it be with a spouse, family member, friend, or even coworker. In order to function well within relationships, we need to know what we NEED! At this conference I took the little test and no doubt learned that I'm a "quality time" kind of girl. I knew that about myself so long ago, but it was nice to have it on paper.
This project has forced me to take notice of people I deal with on a regular basis and do my best to determine what their love language is. And then the kicker...I have to focus on one person in particular and do things to "speak their langauge".  I had a hard time at first but identified my "victim" and embraced the project.
I'm not quite finished, but I've already drawn some conclusions. Focusing on someone else's "langauge" brings me happiness! I find that I'm spending quality time in trying to learn this about these people and in turn feel more love and respect. The second was that as I tried to learn and speak this different "langauges" to people, I've discovered the ways in which they communicate. I found in one case that someone was speaking their language but because it wasn't my language, I felt they didn't like me at all! I'm slow, I guess, but I'm learning. And as I continue to learn I feel that I'm becoming a better person who will be able to communicate with EVERYONE (at least a bit better than I was the previous day). 

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