Thursday, September 5, 2013

September Higher Challenge

I subscribe to posts from Time Out for Women. I attended one of their events with my good friend, Heather, several years ago. It was an incredible experience. Now, getting daily/weekly messages from them is equally cool! This year they have implemented a "Higher Challenge". Each month focuses on something different. The September challenge is this:

Think Higher & Learn Something New

I'm pretty sure that, unless I change my mind (like we ALL know I do so well), my September goal will be to learn to make French croissants. This is also something on my bucket list. I feel like if I can master that, I can do basically anything. Anyone want to be a taste tester??
I think this is an incredible opprotunity to learn something that you've been putting off, or settling for mediocre results on. So, are you on board? Will you do this with me?

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